RiteWing Nano Drak Ram-Air Bulkhead

RiteWing Nano Drak Ram-Air Bulkhead

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Currently only comes in BLACK PETG

Ram-Air Bulkhead:
**This is a must have to use battery bay cover and electronics bay cover’s** Bulkhead includes threaded screw holes to lock down both battery and electronics bay covers with thumb screws. Replacing the stock foam bulkhead with the new Ram-Air will also stiffen up the center of the airframe in high G turns and stop most flex. This design was made with mass airflow in mind, pulling air in flight from the top of the airframe and directed over all electronics in the main bay. Keeping your electronics in the open airflow is key. With pushing our Nano Drak to the limits will ultimately heat up that ESC so forcing as much airflow over the electronics is the best situation possible.
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