Hyperlite Evo POD

Hyperlite Evo POD

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Here it is!! A POD for the Hyperlite Evo! Printed in TPU in a variety of colors. You can order it with a 35 degree GoPro platform up top or without. The POD mounts to the Evo with bolts exactly where the standoffs used to be. Longer bolts are highly recommended when mounting this POD rather then using the stock bolts although they do work. Camera angle goes from approximately 20-60 degrees! The POD features a window cutout towards the rear where you can mount your vtx and manage channels if you choose. Also, another cutout has been made on the top of the POD so you can change channels on your vtx if you mount it on top of the FC. 

Weight: 22 Grams(GoPro Version) 20 Grams(Without GoPro) Hardware removed is 16 grams

If you are ordering a POD, please allow up to 5 days before shipping. There is a high demand for POD's and print time is very long. Although most orders should go out sooner. Thank you.

Designed by Alejandro "Banq" Bancalari in collaboration with Brain3D and BMC3D

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